VAT Registration ::

Requirement For VAT Registration

1. Details of the trade
 a) Manufacturing
 b) Resale
 2. List of items to be included in the Registration Certificate
 3. List of items of raw material to be consumed with code number
 4. List of items/goods to be sold
 5. List of machinery with purchase bills if required
 6. DVAT security bond or bank guarantee for Rs. 100000/-along with duly filled form DVAT-12.
 7. To make purchases of all the items to be included in the r.c.
 8. 1st local sales to be made
 9. 1st central sale bill (out side delhi) goods to be sent to outside delhi.
 10. Goods to be sent through g.r./parcel/speed post/courier.
 11. Payment of the goods sent should be received through demand draft only.
 12. Photocopy of the demand draft to be kept
 13. Bank account to be opened
 14. Copy of bank statement
 15. Partnership deed/memorandum of article of association
 16. Rent receipt/rent agreement
 17. N.O.C. from the landlord
 18. Proof of ownership of the landlord such as electricity bill/house tax payment receipt/copy of property paper.
 19. Ration card /election card of the proprietor/ or all the partners in case of partnership firm
 20. Photocopies of pan of the prop. / all the partners.
 21. Details of the past activities of the prop./ all the partners.
 22. Books of account
 23. 2 photographs of the prop/all the partners/directors
 24. 1 photo of surety dealer
 25. Two self addressed envelopes (without stamp)
 26. Details of the immovable property of the prop./partners if any.
 27. Resolution authorizing one director/officer to deal with the sales tax department.
 28. Power of attorney in favour of the counsel.

29. Optional Supporting Documents (For Reduction In Security Amount)

a) Proof of Ownership of principle Place of business Rs. 30000/-

b) Proof of Ownership of Residential property by Prop./managing partner. Rs. 20000/-

c) Notarised Copy of Passport of Prop./Managing partner Rs. 10000/-

d) Copy of PAN Rs. 10000/-

e) Copy of Last Electricity bill Rs. 10000/-

f) Copy of Last Telephone bill Rs. 5000/-